Bedrooms are for rest and recovery. Reduce the hazards and increase safety in bed and getting in and out with these products.

    • Our button hook simplifies fastening buttons
    • Our dressing stick holds and directs clothing.
    • In fact, our twenty-four-inch stainless steel shoehorn reduces bending or straining.
    • Promote independence, reduce movement and recover faster from the hip, knee, or bariatric surgery or injury
    • Easily reach above your head or pick up dropped items with an extra-long non-slip rubberized jaw grabber
    • With a 26” foothold that will easily hold any shoe or cast, the leg lifter safely repositions your leg and foot on a bed, wheelchair, or a car
    • Dress without assistance with a 24” dressing stick, a sock assist, and an extra-long shoe horn
    • Steel Shoehorn, Red Grip, 24"
    • Stainless steel shoehorns are sturdy and durable


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