Home Safety

Home Safe Home starts with eliminating hazards that can cause injuries. Each room has different requirements.  That is why we created these special product bundles by room; bathroom, living area, kitchen, bedroom, outdoors, and public places.

    • The Euro-style shower chair, bearing Martha Stewart's signature touch, provides a secure and comfortable seating solution.
    • Step onto luxury with the Martha Stewart massaging 300 suction cup bathmat
    • Lastly, the nineteen-inch configurable suction cup grab bar is great. Its adjustable design allows strategic placement for support during toileting, grooming, dressing, and more.
    • Our Martha Stewart branded Bed Assist Bar offers unparalleled support, ensuring secure transitions in and out of bed .
    • In fact, this assist bar seamlessly integrates into your bedroom decor.
    • In addition the Martha Stewart bed table, provides a surface for activities such as reading, working, or enjoying a meal from the comfort of your bed.
    • Complete the ensemble with the bedside fall mat. This mat minimizes the impact of potential falls.
    • The anti-skid treads a simple yet effective solution to prevent slips and falls.
    • Our 19-inch configurable suction-cup grab bar is a great addition to your home safety toolkit.
    • It offers stable support where you need it most – be it the bathroom, hallway, or any area requiring an extra handhold.
    • The included Reacher tool is a game-changer, capable of picking up objects weighing up to five pounds.
    • Our specially curated set of adapted utensils ensures safe and effortless food preparation.
    • In fact, the foam tubing enables you to modify your favorite utensils and tools making kitchen time a pleasure.
    • Also, enhance your stability and prevent falls with the installation of anti-skid safety treads strategically placed next to the sink and other high-risk areas.
    • Invest in the Kitchen Safety Bundle to create a cooking haven that caters to your unique needs.
    • Illuminate with LED motion-detection lights. Enjoy a well-lit room and reduce the risk of accidents and improving overall visibility.
    • In fact, grab bars make getting up and down and moving about safely.
    • Install bars for easy mobility and prevent falls in high-traffic areas.
    • Lastly, is a washable furniture protection pads to reduce the impact of accidental wetting.
    • Our stylish cane ensures both support and elegance, offering stability while making a fashion statement.
    • In fact, our cup holder, easily installable on any mobility equipment.
    • In addition, the rollator, or rolling walker, provides stability, a seat, and peace of mind while exploring the world.
    • Perfect for individuals with reduced physical endurance, weak muscles, or health conditions.


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