Activities of Daily Living

Our health experts combined these products for the best groups for eating, toileting, grooming, bathing, dressing, and taking medications.

    • Elevate your bathing experience with our thoughtfully curated tools designed to cater to individuals facing challenges.
    • Our long-hosed shower head offers unparalleled flexibility.
    • In fact, the Martha Stewart brand Bathmat, a luxurious and slip-resistant addition to your bathing space.
    • Combine comfort and elegance with the Martha Stewart brand Euro-styled shower chair.
    • Our medication lock box provides a secure and organized storage solution, ensuring the safety of prescribed medications.
    • This dispenser eliminates the hassle of daily sorting, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining the medication routine.
    • For precise dosage management, our pill splitter is an invaluable tool.
    • Our button hook simplifies fastening buttons.
    • Our dressing stick is crafted for holding and directing clothing.
    • Our twenty-four-inch stainless steel shoehorn reduces bending or straining.
    • Hi-Lo plate provides a versatile solution, allowing users to adjust the plate's height to their convenience.
    • In fact, this adaptive feature ensures ease in bringing food to the mouth.
    • The last item in this bundle is our clip-on food guard.
    • The brush's ergonomic design enhances usability, promoting easy handling for individuals with limited dexterity.
    • In fact, to further enhance grip and control, our bundle features innovative foam tubes designed to improve stability and precision during grooming tasks.
    • Additionally, this lip balm not only provides soothing relief but also contributes to a well-rounded self-care experience.
    • Elevate your sleep experience with the Martha Stewart brand Bed Assist Bar
    • Pair it with our large, soft, washable bed under pad mattress protector
    • Enhance your sleeping posture and address health concerns with our versatile bed wedges
    • Our blue raised and locking toilet seat is a higher seat for easier access.
    • Illuminate your bathroom with our motion-activated toilet light.
    • Simplify daily hygiene with our long-handled toilet paper holding tongs.
    • Prioritize comfort, safety, and dignity with our thoughtfully designed tools.


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