Do you have difficulty seeing to navigate steps, sidewalks or walking on uneven serfaces?

  • Sale!
    • European-style rollators feature a lightweight aluminum frame
    • Fold horizontally for easy storage
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Storage bag included
  • Sale!
    • Ok Boomer, we hear you, yesterday's ugly institutional walkers are not for you.
    • Check out this new, modern design.
    • This rollator large rubber wheels, suspension breaks and a travel bag to store valuables out-of-sight
    • Fold horizontally with storage bag included
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Great price, significantly lower price than the competitors!
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    • Designed for people who need additional assistance with balance
    • The standard handle lets users hook the cane over their arm while opening doors or performing other tasks
    • In fact, the foam grip provides a comfortable secure grip
    • Lastly, the cane is very lightweight
    • Small, lightweight finger clip with bright OLED display and 7 viewing directions designed to quickly read SpO2 and patient heart rate
    • In fact it contains a lanyard, instructions and 2 AAA batteries with 24-hour continuous use
    • Prescription required to purchase
    • FDA cleared for medical use
  • Sale!

    Travel Ready Rollator

    • Airports, train stations, long lines waiting for service are daunting.
    • Make your travel easier with this slick, fashionable mobility assistant.
    • Saves you energy and reduces the opportunity for injury and fatigue
    • This rollator features adjustable handle height and backrest height for a custom fit
    • Simply push down and lock brakes to use as a seat
    • Smooth-rolling wheels make mobility a breeze
    • Comes with bag and backrest


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