Living rooms are gathering places filled with joy and memories. Reduce the hazards and increase safety in the room where life happens.

    • Designed for patients who need additional assistance with balance
    • The standard handle lets users hook the cane over their arm while opening doors or performing other tasks
    • The foam grip provides a comfortable secure grip
    • Cane weighs between 0.75 and 0.8 lb. and adjusts between approx. 30" to 38"
    • Easily fold these walkers thanks to a simple pushbutton mechanism
    • Each side folds independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces
    • In fact, the side cross braces provide extra durability
    • Height-adjustable pushbutton legs
    • Lastly, it has 5" wheels on the front
    • Illuminate with LED motion-detection lights. Enjoy a well-lit room and reduce the risk of accidents and improving overall visibility.
    • In fact, grab bars make getting up and down and moving about safely.
    • Install bars for easy mobility and prevent falls in high-traffic areas.
    • Lastly, is a washable furniture protection pads to reduce the impact of accidental wetting.
  • Sale!

    Rollator Basket

    Original price was: $41.09.Current price is: $35.13.
    • Rollator basket fix most rollators sold today.
    • Great for shopping, household chores, activities of daily living.
    • Frees hands to hold firmly to rollator
    • Fits securely around the  waist and provides caregivers with a firm hold
    • In fact, this support helps reduce the risk of caregiver back injuries
    • Machine washable for easy cleaning
    • Lastly, belt is two inches wide and sixty inches long
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    Wide Transfer Belt with Handles

    Original price was: $51.18.Current price is: $50.18.
    • This washable transfer belt is the right product for assisting with lifting, pivoting, and transferring
    • The easy-grip handles give maximum transferring control.
    • In fact, the ergonomic wide design provides maximum support.
    • So you can launder and use it for years.


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