People with disabilities and injuries have difficulty accessing toilets.  These products help prevent falls and accidents while toileting.

    • Reduce falls in the bathroom with these safety rails.
    • Handles are adjustable and rotate back to allow a wide range of positions.
    • In fact, the closed-cell foam armrests provide a comfortable grip.
    • Adjustable height to accommodate all toilet seats.
    • Easy-to-clean aluminum frame mounts securely onto bowl
    • Lastly, the armrest adjust for height and width
    • The 4D-core with odor protection wicks away fluid to help promote dryness and maintain skin integrity
    • Skin-safe closures provide secure, repeated refastening
    • Ultrasoft cloth-like back sheet provides a discreet, garment-like feel and breathable side panels allow airflow for comfort
    • The Euro-style shower chair, bearing Martha Stewart's signature touch, provides a secure and comfortable seating solution.
    • Step onto luxury with the Martha Stewart massaging 300 suction cup bathmat
    • Lastly, the nineteen-inch configurable suction cup grab bar is great. Its adjustable design allows strategic placement for support during toileting, grooming, dressing, and more.
    • 5" Economy Toilet Seat Riser
    • No Lock,
    • 400 lb. Weight Capacity
    • Adds height to the toilet seat to reduce painful bending, twists, slips and falls
    • Safely use with the existing seat and lid on any standard or elongated toilet
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    Hydrating Spray Skin Cleanser

    Original price was: $13.58.Current price is: $13.10.
    • Protect your skin with this dermatologist test hydrating spray
    • This no-rinse formula for hair, face, and body
    • In fact, use it on intact, irritated, or damaged skin
    • It is strong enough for removing unwanted messes
    • This product comes in an eight-ounce spray bottle
    • Lastly, it protects the  skin's surface
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    Locking Elevated Toilet Seat with Microban

    Original price was: $54.76.Current price is: $42.24.
    • Elevated locking toilet seat without arms, grey, with Microban*
    • Contoured surface raises seat level by 5", fits most toilet bowls from 11" to 14" long
    • 350 lb. weight capacity
    • Does not come in retail packaging
    • Microban antimicrobial* product protection inhibits the growth of stains and odors from bacteria, mold, and mildew on the toilet seat.
    • Dense cushioning relieves discomfort and painful pressure points when seated in the bathroom.
    • Designed with a flat back to rest flush against the toilet tank, the seat cushion works with most standard and elongated toilets
    • The plant-based formulation treats a broad spectrum of odors without leaving behind artificial fragrances
    • In fact, Fresh Naturals products use technology to bond with and neutralize odors
    • This product is ideal for human and pet odors
    • Lastly, comes in a convenient thirty-two-ounce spray bottle
    • Super absorbent core and soft anti leak guards help keep moisture away from the skin and control odor
    • Features a body-contoured design for a discreet fit
    • Light the bathroom for safe nighttime visits
    • Featuring a motion and light-detecting sensor
    • A flexible arm bends over the edge of the bowl for a secure fit on any toilet
    • Brightening the room, the LED light includes 16 color options
    • Our blue raised and locking toilet seat is a higher seat for easier access.
    • Illuminate your bathroom with our motion-activated toilet light.
    • Simplify daily hygiene with our long-handled toilet paper holding tongs.
    • Prioritize comfort, safety, and dignity with our thoughtfully designed tools.


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