People with disabilities and injuries have difficulty accessing sink.  These products help prevent falls and accidents while brushing and grooming.

    • The Euro-style shower chair, bearing Martha Stewart's signature touch, provides a secure and comfortable seating solution.
    • Step onto luxury with the Martha Stewart massaging 300 suction cup bathmat
    • Lastly, the nineteen-inch configurable suction cup grab bar is great. Its adjustable design allows strategic placement for support during toileting, grooming, dressing, and more.
    • The brush's ergonomic design enhances usability, promoting easy handling for individuals with limited dexterity.
    • In fact, to further enhance grip and control, our bundle features innovative foam tubes designed to improve stability and precision during grooming tasks.
    • Additionally, this lip balm not only provides soothing relief but also contributes to a well-rounded self-care experience.
    • It is a low-sudsing gel  in the shower
    • It can be used as a no-rinse cleanser, too
    • In fact, this gentle formula works on all types of skin
    • Lastly, it comes in a 16 ounce pump bottle
  • Sale!
    • Perfect for Activities of Daily Living that require holding a handle
    • Use for building up tool and utensil handles and increase grip
    • Helps to give greater control
    • Cut to length as needed


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