Accessing a toilet is difficult for people with injuries or disabilities. Using adaptive equipment reduces barriers and increase independence.  Talk with your doctor, or health provider, about falling or problems with balance while toileting?

    • Reduce falls in the bathroom with these safety rails.
    • Handles are adjustable and rotate back to allow a wide range of positions.
    • In fact, the closed-cell foam armrests provide a comfortable grip.
    • Adjustable height to accommodate all toilet seats.
    • Easy-to-clean aluminum frame mounts securely onto bowl
    • Lastly, the armrest adjust for height and width
    • 3-in-1 folding steel commode
    • Perfect for reducing accidental wetting
    • Comes with seat, lid, bucket, and splash guard
    • 350 lb. weight capacity, 14.5" seat depth, 19" width between arms, 21" overall width
    • Not what you need?  Contact us at We can help.
    • 5" Economy Toilet Seat Riser
    • No Lock,
    • 400 lb. Weight Capacity
  • Sale!

    Locking Elevated Toilet Seat with Microban

    Original price was: $54.76.Current price is: $42.24.
    • Elevated locking toilet seat without arms, grey, with Microban*
    • Contoured surface raises seat level by 5", fits most toilet bowls from 11" to 14" long
    • 350 lb. weight capacity
    • Does not come in retail packaging
    • Microban antimicrobial* product protection inhibits the growth of stains and odors from bacteria, mold, and mildew on the toilet seat.
    • Dense cushioning relieves discomfort and painful pressure points when seated in the bathroom.
    • Designed with a flat back to rest flush against the toilet tank, the seat cushion works with most standard and elongated toilets
    • Install grab bars in high-risk places
    • These are rugged enamel-coated steel bars
    • In fact, the dimensions meet government standards
    • Lastly, this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty on frame


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