• This amazing unscented silicone cream has a blend of botanicals
    • It creates a breathable, soothing, and moisturizing film
    • In fact, it has time-released safflower oils
    • Lastly, it is gentle enough for use on the most fragile skin
    • European-style rollators feature a lightweight aluminum frame
    • Fold horizontally for easy storage
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Storage bag included
  • Sale!

    European-Style Rollator with Suspension Shocks, White

    Original price was: $245.31.Current price is: $233.55.
    • Ok Boomer, we hear you, yesterday's ugly institutional walkers are not for you.
    • Check out this new, modern design.
    • This rollator large rubber wheels, suspension breaks and a travel bag to store valuables out-of-sight
    • Fold horizontally with storage bag included
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Great price, significantly lower price than the competitors!
    • Medication management made easy!
    • Keep track of medications for the week
    • In fact, seven removable rows by day of the week.
    • Each day has morning, noon, evening, and bedtime compartments
    • Lastly, great for traveling too
    • Fashion canes act as mobility aids and fashion accessories
    • In fact, this houndstooth design is hip and classy
    • Foam handles and convenient wrist straps
    • Lastly, the height adjustment, 29" to 38"  Cane weight, 0.8 lb.
  • Sale!

    Rollator Basket

    Original price was: $41.09.Current price is: $35.13.
    • Rollator basket fix most rollators sold today.
    • Great for shopping, household chores, activities of daily living.
    • Frees hands to hold firmly to rollator
    • Supports activities of daily living when using a walker
    • This flip tray is ideal for carrying items from room to room
    • In fact, it folds for easy storage
    • Can be easily attached to a walker
    • Walker sold separately


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