Reducing accidents is the goal of aging safely. Make the outdoors safe maintain balance, reduce fatigue while standing or provide equipment to grab onto in case of a slip or fall.

    • Designed for patients who need additional assistance with balance
    • The standard handle lets users hook the cane over their arm while opening doors or performing other tasks
    • The foam grip provides a comfortable secure grip
    • Cane weighs between 0.75 and 0.8 lb. and adjusts between approx. 30" to 38"
    • The 4D-core with odor protection wicks away fluid to help promote dryness and maintain skin integrity
    • Skin-safe closures provide secure, repeated refastening
    • Ultrasoft cloth-like back sheet provides a discreet, garment-like feel and breathable side panels allow airflow for comfort
    • Lifetime warranty on Red frame
    • Lightweight powder-coated aluminum frame and 12" (30.5 cm) wheels
    • handbrakes on top
    • seat belt, make transport safe and smooth
    • Fold-down back reveals storage space
    • Larger rear wheels for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces
    • Weighs 22 pounds
    • N95 particulate respirator masks with microfilter to protect against micron-size particles
    • 1-ply, polyester construction
    • Double bands help hold mask firmly in place
    • Level 3 fluid resistance for use in situations expecting moderate-to-high fluid contact
    • European-style rollators feature a lightweight aluminum frame
    • Fold horizontally for easy storage
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Storage bag included
    • Contoured design provides extra protection just where a man needs it
    • The super absorbent core provides maximum dryness and protection
    • In fact, the full-length adhesive holds guard securely inside underwear
    • For light to moderate urinary incontinence
    • Lastly, comes in bag of 80 or case of 208
    • Soft-spun fabric is softer than reusable cloths for use on sensitive skin;
    • In fact, they are ideal for incontinence care, full body cleansing, and surface cleaning
    • Made just for men, with a more comfortable shape
    • Super absorbent core plus wicking outer layer that provides odor control
    • In fact, it pulls moisture away from the skin for leakage protection
    • Lastly, the pull-up design looks and feels just like real underwear
    • Designed to fit most standard wheelchairs
    • In fact, gives pressure relief and comfort for all-day sitting
    • Gel cushion feels seats like natural body fat
    • 18x16x2" dimensions
    • Lastly, it has a think outer cover
    • Stylish prints offer a nice alternative to the institutional look of chrome walking aids
    • In fact, it has a foam handle and wrist strap
    • Push button height adjustment from 29" to 38" high
    • 300 lb. weight capacity
    • Available in plaid, gingham, and wood finishes
    • Lastly, the cane weight: 0.8 lb.
  • Sale!

    Martha Stewart Collection Stylish Rollator

    Original price was: $353.78.Current price is: $299.99.
    • Rolling walker with a Martha Stewart stylish plaid print
    • 6 inch all-terrain wheels
    • Push-down locking brakes
    • Large, comfortable cushioned seat
    • Under-seat storage for personal items and small medical equipment
    • storage pocket in the backrest for convenience
    • Strong yet lightweight steel frame is compact
    • folds open and closed for traveling and storage
    • Personalize your ride with adjustable handlebars and frame
    • Lastly easy assembly
  • Sale!

    N95 Flat-Fold Masks

    Original price was: $62.59.Current price is: $59.89.
    • NIOSH-approved, 4-ply N95 particulate respirator mask helps filter airborne particles
    • Level-3 fluid resistance
    • Cellulose inner and outer facings
    • Flat-fold style with adjustable nose and chin wire for a comfortable fit
    • Adjustable for one-size-fits-most sizing
    • Lastly, this is a box of 35 masks


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