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    Button Hook

    • Great for those with limited dexterity, arthritis or other conditions
    • Slim wire loop works on any size buttons
    • Nonslip composite material provides a secure, comfortable grip
    • The adaptive dressing stick minimizes bending and twisting when getting dressed each day
    • Twist to separate the dressing stick into two pieces for compact storage and easy portability
    • The clothing hook gently grips the fabric to prevent sliding off as clothing is pushed and pulled into place
    • In fact, the slim metal hook fits most zippers for opening and closing with ease, tightening shoelaces and more
    • The best tool for helping with activities of daily living!
    • In fact, this reacher can pick up heavy clothes from the closet
    • It features a hook-like extension dressing aid
    • Lastly, it is 24 inches long.


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