Do you have difficulty getting in and out of the furniture?

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    • Designed for patients who need additional assistance with balance
    • The standard handle lets users hook the cane over their arm while opening doors or performing other tasks
    • The foam grip provides a comfortable secure grip
    • Cane weighs between 0.75 and 0.8 lb. and adjusts between approx. 30" to 38"
    • For transferring patients between two surfaces
    • Made of durable rubber wood with a smooth lacquer finish
    • Bariatric weighted with a 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Sale!
    • The right choice to improve mobility
    • This single point bariatric cane has all-steel construction with a dual-tubing insert for added strength and security
    • In fact, the single point design gives additional balance support and weight-bearing capabilities
    • Weight capacity: 500 pounds
    • Adjustment Height: 29 - 38 inches
    • Lastly, the cane is lightweight
    • Transfer boards are essential for moving around from a seated positions
    • In fact, this board is made of high-quality hardwood with two slots
    • 8" x 30" in length
    • Lastly, it holds up to 350 pounds
    • Seated users can use lower position to assist in standing and top position as a standard walker
    • Ideal for anyone needing assistance in standing up from a couch, chair or toilet
    • Lastly, this is a case of two walkers


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