Do you need help with daily medication?

    • Easy to program schedule and timer
    • Holds one month supply of pills up to four times a day
    • Features a loud, long buzzer that sounds
    • Lastly, it is tamper proof metal locking system to prevent over-dosing
    • This is a special order item which may slow delivery
    • Lip moisturizer that soothes and protects
    • Made from sunflower, soybean, and jojoba oils
    • Also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
    • In fact, flavor crystals release citrus flavor for hours
    • Cools, soothes and refreshes lips
    • Our medication lock box provides a secure and organized storage solution, ensuring the safety of prescribed medications.
    • This dispenser eliminates the hassle of daily sorting, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining the medication routine.
    • For precise dosage management, our pill splitter is an invaluable tool.
    • Fit most pocket-style digital thermometers
    • In fact, Disposable of help reduce risk of cross contamination
    • Box contains 100 sheaths
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    First Aid Kit for 25 People

    Original price was: $66.40.Current price is: $65.49.
    • Safely and effectively treat minor wounds, stings, burns and medical emergencies
    • kit includes a variety of bandages, wound dressings, prep pads, swabs, gloves, CPR and filtration masks and more
    • In fact, the products are expertly configured for quick access
    • Lastly, this kit contains 17 OSHA Critical products
    • Large pill minder simplifies complicated dosages of patient medication
    • Organizes pills for up to 31 days of medication
    • In fact, the talking alarm clock/calendar reminds users to take their medication up to 4 times daily
    • Clear, large type display makes viewing date and time easy
    • Lock box has a programmable thumbwheel combination lock for increased security
    • Removable compartments and shelf piece allow for flexibility with organizing medicine bottles and pills
    • Designed with ergonomic handle for carrying ease when traveling
    • Medication management made easy!
    • Keep track of medications for the week
    • In fact, seven removable rows by day of the week.
    • Each day has morning, noon, evening, and bedtime compartments
    • Lastly, great for traveling too
    • A spoon and dropper for measuring your liquid medicine
    • In fact, you get a more accurate dosage
    • Graduated medicine spoon calibrated in tsp. and mL to deliver medication
    • Handy hook for handing on the edge of a water glass
    • 2 tsp. medicine spoon and 1 tsp. spoon dropper included
    • Reusable
    • Are you experiencing difficulty swallowing pills?
    • In fact, many people struggle to take them as prescribed.
    • The pill crusher has no latex content
    • Lastly, each order is one pill crusher.
    • Are you struggling to cut your pills?
    • In fact, many people fail to cut them exactly.
    • The pill-splitter contains no latex.
    • Lastly, each order is one splitter.
    • Paste contains 75% petrolatum and 20% zinc oxide
    • Protects intact and irritated skin
    • In fact, it provides a barrier to seal out moisture


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