Masks Germs and Virus Protection

Virus, colds, the flu, and other germs are floating in the air. Protect yourself with high quality medical grade masks so that you do not inhale unwanted viruses.

    • N95 particulate respirator masks with microfilter to protect against micron-size particles
    • 1-ply, polyester construction
    • Double bands help hold mask firmly in place
    • Level 3 fluid resistance for use in situations expecting moderate-to-high fluid contact
    • NIOSH-approved, 4-ply N95 particulate respirator mask helps filter airborne particles
    • Level-3 fluid resistance
    • Cellulose inner and outer facings
    • Flat-fold style with adjustable nose and chin wire for a comfortable fit
    • Adjustable for one-size-fits-most sizing
    • Lastly, this is a box of 35 masks


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