Living Room

Living rooms should be a place of comfort and pleasure however tripping hazards and clutter make this room particularly dangerous.  Our product recommendations keep this ‘living’ space a happy gathering place.

    • Knurled-texture steel bars are easy to grip even in wet bathing areas
    • Use in the kitchen, along stairways, or in the laundry room for additional fall prevention
    • Mount vertically or horizontally with the included hardware
    • 250 pound weight capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame; six-month warranty on handles, "wearable" parts, grips, screws
    • Great for hallways, staircases, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more
    • Gentle on the eyes, each night light provides a warm white light
    • A built-in light sensor turns the night lights on and off automatically with dusk and dawn
    • The anti-skid treads a simple yet effective solution to prevent slips and falls.
    • Our 19-inch configurable suction-cup grab bar is a great addition to your home safety toolkit.
    • It offers stable support where you need it most – be it the bathroom, hallway, or any area requiring an extra handhold.
    • The included Reacher tool is a game-changer, capable of picking up objects weighing up to five pounds.
    • Illuminate with LED motion-detection lights. Enjoy a well-lit room and reduce the risk of accidents and improving overall visibility.
    • In fact, grab bars make getting up and down and moving about safely.
    • Install bars for easy mobility and prevent falls in high-traffic areas.
    • Lastly, is a washable furniture protection pads to reduce the impact of accidental wetting.
  • Sale!

    Martha Stewart Collection Grab Bar

    Original price was: $93.56.Current price is: $86.88.
    • Style and function in one attractive grab bar from the experts at Medline
    • Momentum grab bar with special reinforced core supports up to 250 lb.
    • Polished chrome with raised ridges for improved grip
    • Includes screws and decorative cover that slides over the base of the bar
    • The ideal combination of durability and value.
    • Made from vinyl knit barriers they stay soft and leak-proof.
    • 18" X 24" perfect for furniture and pet beds
    • Great price and quality!
    • Three white enamel steel grab bar, 36"
    • 250 lb. weight capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame
  • Sale!

    Three Pack White Enamel Thirty-Two Inch Grab Bars

    Original price was: $49.43.Current price is: $47.47.
    • Great price and quality!
    • Three white enamel steel grab bar, 32"
    • 250 lb. weight capacity
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame


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