Bedrooms are meant to be sanctuaries of relaxation and health.  Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult at times.  The products recommendations are designed to build a safe environment.

    • Great for hallways, staircases, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more
    • Gentle on the eyes, each night light provides a warm white light
    • A built-in light sensor turns the night lights on and off automatically with dusk and dawn
    • Easily pull yourself up to a sitting position on the bed at multiple angles.
    • Raise or lower the Bed Assist Bar to create the perfect leverage height, from 17” to 22” to accommodate most mattress depths.
    • Great for people dealing with bed rest, chronic conditions, and medical treatment
    • In fact, they can be used as a backrest, extra height or leg elevation
    • Poly/cotton cover is zippered for easy removal for washing
    • Lastly, this is a set of two highly durable foam wedges
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    Bedroom Floor Mat

    Original price was: $174.88.Current price is: $167.58.
    • Non-folding Fall Mat, Vinyl, 24" x 66" x 2"
    • Economical fall mats reduces risk of injury from a fall from the bed
    • Made of absorbent high-compression foam
    • Durable, easy-to-clean vinyl cover
    • Our Martha Stewart branded Bed Assist Bar offers unparalleled support, ensuring secure transitions in and out of bed .
    • In fact, this assist bar seamlessly integrates into your bedroom decor.
    • In addition the Martha Stewart bed table, provides a surface for activities such as reading, working, or enjoying a meal from the comfort of your bed.
    • Complete the ensemble with the bedside fall mat. This mat minimizes the impact of potential falls.
    • 3-in-1 folding steel commode
    • Perfect for reducing accidental wetting
    • Comes with seat, lid, bucket, and splash guard
    • 350 lb. weight capacity, 14.5" seat depth, 19" width between arms, 21" overall width
    • Not what you need?  Contact us at We can help.
    • Combination of fluff and a polymer core for high absorbency and odor control
    • Quality levels indicate the level of absorption resulting from different materials and construction methods
    • Tuck under pad under a mattress to keep it in place during movement
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    Flat Fold Over Bed Table with Basket

    Original price was: $137.06.Current price is: $125.52.
    • Over bed table features a basket
    • In fact, it folds flat for convenient, compact storage
    • Durable, water-resistant composite material with spill edge
    • Weighs only 18.8 lb.
    • Height adjustable from 29.5" to 41"
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    Martha Stewart Collection Bed Assist Bar

    Original price was: $76.19.Current price is: $69.33.
    • Our bed assist bar provides help getting in and out of bed
    • It features a soft grip for comfort, a pocket for handy storage, and straps for added safety
    • In fact, this sturdily constructed bar is built to last
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    Martha Stewart Collection Over Bed Table with Basket

    Original price was: $111.30.Current price is: $103.35.
    • Martha Stewart Collection where fashion meets function
    • Over bed table features a basket
    • Durable, water-resistant composite material with spill edge
    • In fact, the white finish blends with all decors
    • Lastly, it can hold up to 50 lb.
    • Elevate your sleep experience with the Martha Stewart brand Bed Assist Bar
    • Pair it with our large, soft, washable bed under pad mattress protector
    • Enhance your sleeping posture and address health concerns with our versatile bed wedges
    • Sofnit 300 Reusable Underpads, 34" x 48"
    • Features durable, comfortable twill facing that resists staining
    • Vinyl knit barrier withstands heavy demands of multiple washing and drying cycles
    • Stays soft and leak-proof


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