Fitness Training and Monitoring

Move it or lose it. Physical and mental training improves cognitive abilities and reduces stress.  Expert recommend these products for their safety and effectiveness.

    • Step on and it starts automatically
    • It measures up to 440 lb. (200 kg)
    • Backlit LCD
    • In fact,  the extra-wide platform has a low profile, standing only 1" off the floor
    • nonskid feet help prevent sliding
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
    • Lastly, it has a 1-year warranty
    • Automatically inflates and deflates
    • Provide quick digital readings of systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse rate
    • In fact, the memory stores date and time
    • Color gauge for quick detection
    • Lastly, it includes two AAA batteries
    • Small, lightweight finger clip with LCD display designed to quickly read oxygen level and heart rate
    • Complete with lanyard, instructions, and 2 AAA batteries with 24-hour continuous use
    • In fact, no prescription required to purchase
    • Lastly, priced right for every consumer to own
    • A small, lightweight clip sensor works as soon as inserted on finger
    • It delivers a precise reading in seconds
    • It has comfortable soft padding
    • In fact, it features oxygen, pulse rate, and pulse bar
    • Lastly, the LED display is adjustable and easy to read
  • Sale!

    Portable Scale up to 400 pounds

    Original price was: $94.07.Current price is: $59.40.
    • Low-profile glass weighing surface displays measurement in pounds or kg.
    • Large, easy-to-read 2" tall numbers on LED Screen
    • Simply tap the platform and the scale turns on
    • 400-lb. weight capacity, accurate to 0.2-lb.
    • Made of heavy-duty tempered glass and steel
    • Small, lightweight finger clip with bright OLED display and 7 viewing directions designed to quickly read SpO2 and patient heart rate
    • In fact it contains a lanyard, instructions and 2 AAA batteries with 24-hour continuous use
    • Prescription required to purchase
    • FDA cleared for medical use
    • Water-resistant watch features pulse sensors for accurate and continuous heart rate monitoring
    • Activity tracker features pedometer to count steps and calories burned per day; automatically stores last 50 days of steps
    • Main display includes date, weekday, hour, minute, second format; choose from 12-hour or 24-hour time mode
    • Stopwatch function measures down to a hundredth of a second, up to a maximum of 59:59:59; also provides split time function
    • Other features include backlight display for night use, 2 custom alarm times and/or hourly chimes and countdown timer function


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