Moisturizers and Protectants

Skin gets thirsty and needs regular nourishment. Try these restorative, breathable and nourishing moisturizers. Dermatologist love these. Guard your skin against the harmful affects of wetness or infection with these amazing protective barrier products.

    • This product protect and treat the skin
    • In fact, it nourishes as it protects
    • Barrier ointment is ideal for incontinence care
    • contains safflower ointment
    • Sold in a six-ounce tube
    • Lotion helps to cleanse, moisturize, protect, and nourish
    • It removes sticky barriers and pastes
    • Ideal for light incontinence
    • In fact, it leaves skin feeling fresh and silky
    • Trigger sprayer no-rinse formula
    • Lastly, it is Nonallergenic
    • This amazing unscented silicone cream has a blend of botanicals
    • It creates a breathable, soothing, and moisturizing film
    • In fact, it has time-released safflower oils
    • Lastly, it is gentle enough for use on the most fragile skin
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    Essential Barrier Ointment New & Improved

    Original price was: $12.74.Current price is: $11.69.
    • Ointment helps provide a film and moisturizes the skin with oils and petrolatum
    • Enhanced formula with Vitamin A, D, and E along with aloe to help nourish skin
    • Suitable for cases of incontinence
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    Hydrating Serum

    Original price was: $18.42.Current price is: $10.46.
    • Designed for the most extreme rough, dry, and scaly areas
    • Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) components help attract and bind moisture to the skin
    • Provides 24-hour moisturizing
    • Formulated without mineral oil or other petrochemicals, making it ideal for use on hands, face, and body
    • Absorbs readily into the skin upon application with no greasy residue
    • Moisturizes with a blend of natural emollients, including safflower oleosomes and carrageenan
    • Enhanced with Remedy nutrient complex, additional botanicals, and essential fatty acids
    • Unscented ointment has a petroleum base that helps protect against wetness
    • Vitamin A and D combination helps relieve rashes
    • Effective against minor burns and other minor skin cuts and scrapes
    • Indicated for the relief of discomfort associated with diaper rash caused by wetness, urine and/or stool and other macerated skin conditions
    • Temporarily protects chapped or cracked skin, minor cuts, scrapes and burns
    • White petrolatum-based (57%) and zinc oxide (17%) formulation sticks on intact, irritated or denuded skin
    • Formulated without menthol or other analgesics that may cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin


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