The first step is to determine what services you need and can afford. Please contact your health insurance company customer service or local aging services office to do an assessment. Help with activities of daily living, shopping, cleaning, laundry, and other services are the work done by home care companies. Be sure to research options thoroughly and ask for recommendations from healthcare professionals or other trusted sources. Home care services are locally based but can differ in term of price and services. There are several ways to find someone to care for you, depending on your needs and circumstances. Some options include:
  1. Hire a private caregiver.
  2. Attend an adult day care.
  3. Move to an assisted living facility or group home.
  4. Join a village community.
  5. Enroll in a home sharing program.
  6. Enroll in In-home care services.
Reach out to your local Area Agency on Aging It’s important to find a caregiver or facility that is a good match for your needs and preferences.